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Lyon’s Lake

Lyon’s Lake Manitoba is located at near the Ontario border. It is about 1½ hours from the eastern edge of Winnipeg. This is a ‘drive to’ lake with ample parking, launch, picnic tables and basic washrooms. We have been fishing this lake since 2000 and we would sum it up in one word…consistent.

As with ALL our Manitoba Trout Lakes, Lyon’s lake is stocked. The dominant target species is Rainbow Trout but over the years they have also planted Brook Trout, Splake and Brown Trout. Fish can range in size from fingerling to 20″.

It is also a beautiful Lake on the western edge of the Canadian Shield.

For this trip you need to supply the water craft and accessories. We bring water and snacks.

A 4wt with floating and sinking lines are recommended. Traditional sub-surface trout flies, in weighted and un-weighted versions work well here.

As well you could combine this lake with another lake and/or a river stop to make for more variety.

If you like beautiful scenery, fairly predictable fishing and not too much travel time then Lyon’s Lake Manitoba may be the perfect fit!

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