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Red River

Fly Fishing The Red River North of Winnipeg

Monster Channel Catfish, Huge Drum, Sauger, White Bass and Goldeye!

A One of a Kind Multi- Species Location

The Red River and the Lockport area in particular, is the best place in the world for you to catch 30″ Channel Catfish. These monsters are in great numbers and great sizes in this area. Along with Trophy Fresh Water Drum and Walleye. As well you can catch Sauger, White Bass, Pike and Gold Eye.

But it is the cats we target. These beasts grow to 40″ and fight like you won’t believe!

When the the fishing is on you can expect to have a hit on almost every cast. Best time is Late June to Early July

Only 45 Minute from the Perimeter of Winnipeg

Now that I have told you the good here is the bad 

It is a soul sucking pig pen. 40% of the province’s angling is done there and it looks it. It smells. The other anglers have no consideration or concept of fishing manners (let alone how to deal with a fly fisher)

It is a big dirty river and wading can be dicey because of that and because of the mud bottom.

So if you are not put off you can book your Red River Fly Fishing Adventure by writing

Fly Rod Caught Red River Fish

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