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May 29, 2016

The New Max Catch $100 2 weight in Action

I keep fishing this tiny brook trout stream with my 4wt and my home built 2 weight. But I wanted a smaller travel rod so I order a 2wt direct from China. I got it for this stream and for my up coming trip to Newfoundland.

May 08, 2016

Lyon’s Lake Manitoba Still Water Fly Fishing

I have really put in my time in on this lake 1½  hours eat of Winnipeg. Over the years it has been everything from a numbers verses size lake to a size and numbers lake to a dead lake to a multi trout species lake. This day had me catching a few middling rainbow trout on my 4wt with one 22″+ brown trout!

It was also the debut of my new Fish Cat Scout. A Pontoon belly boat hybrid

May 01, 2016

Once More to the Breach

I seem to be using ½ my fishing time going after wild brookies.

There are worse things

Don’t ask where because I will not tell

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