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Hunt Lake

Hunt LakeManitoba is located near the Ontario Border. So close in fact there is an old dirt road that had to be closed a few years ago because of tobacco smuggling. It is 1½ hours from the eastern edge of Winnipeg. This is a ‘drive to’ lake has a little parking and no washroom facilities. Having said that is is very close to stores and restaurants.

This lake is typical of Manitoba trout lakes in that it is stocked. The dominant species is brook trout but originally was stocked with rainbows. Over the years it has been stocked with more rainbow as well as Arctic Char and Brown Trout. As of late, the MNR has been ‘ruining it’ with Splake. A Brook Trout/Lake Trout hybrid that can grow big in fertile lakes of the western province but in the oligotrophic lakes of the east, they grow a bit longer with little girth or fight. And, even in the fall, they are a washed out bland looking.

It is a beautiful lake on the western edge of the Canadian shield with only a few cottages dotting its shores.

The fish are active all year round but they are at their prettiest in the fall

For this trip you need supply the water craft and accessories. We also bring water and snacks.

A 4wt with floating and sinking lines are recommended. Traditional sub-surface trout flies in weighted and un-weighted versions work well here.


As well you could combine this lake with another lake and/or a river stop to make for more variety.

As the leaves change colours then so do the eastern brook trout found in Manitoba waters.


Come for a day on one or more lakes in eastern Manitoba beautiful trout and scenery

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