Fly Fishing Manitoba

Fly Fishing – Fly Tying – Lessons – Guiding – Winnipeg MB. Canada

Robert Burton

Like many others, I start fishing a long time ago. My interest grew from catch whatever and however to the more specialized methods. Fly fishing was a natural extension of that journey. The big difference, of
course, is that fly fishing grabbed me in a way that ultra-light and float drifting
never did.

I moved to Manitoba in 2000 and was faced with the challenge of finding fly fishing opportunities without the benefit of knowing of other fly fishers or (gads!) the internet.

I did see the need for an online presence for fly fishing in Manitoba. In one form or another is the the longest running and continuous fishing (let alone fly fishing
specific) website and forum in Manitoba!

Many Manitoba fishing and fly-fishing sites have come and gone. Many have
come and gone and come back again but we have kept the light on for fly fishing
in Manitoba since 2003. Many of the current local fly fishers got their fly
fishing and/or tying start with me. Either privately or at seminars I did for
over the years. I have written for a few publications as well.

Suffice it to say I am all in for fly fishing.

While there is always more to learn I feel my best contribution would be in education
and mentoring new fly fishers. I think we lose a lot of new people to the sport
when their unbridled enthusiasm is not met with an outlet.

As of late I have been hosting fly fishing virtual meetings on zoom. They
are 1 Sunday a month open to all!

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