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Fly Fishing Bass

Fly Fishing For Bass In Manitoba!

There are some pockets of Large Mouth Bass in Manitoba but the are few and far between and not in ‘trophy’ sizes

My first serious fish on the fly was the small mouth bass. I was going after late season migratory salmon and trout when a ‘smallie’ smashed my fly. The fight, and the ease of release, hooked this fly fisherman for life! ‘Smallies’ (as we like to call them) hammer minnow, leech and crayfish patterns. They also eat the same things as trout, so big nymphs are also in order. like large mouth bass, they will fall for top water presentations. With smallies,  less is more effective. Sliders rather than poppers, small disturbances rather huge ones.

Small mouth in Manitoba can be found in rivers and streams but are most predominant in lakes and generally in waters east of Winnipeg.

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