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McHugh Lake

A Short Hike to A Little Piece of Paradise!

McHugh a lake on the Western Edge of the Canadian Shield. If I was to sum this lake in a few words it would Stunningly Beautiful and Challenging!

The beauty comes from the cliffs and semi-wilderness setting. The challenge comes from the fish.

McHugh is stocked with brown trout which are well know for being the Einsteins of the trout world.

They have stocked other fish as well in the past (Spar and Tigers with no success for the Tigers and no patience or will to continue with the Spar) so to this day it remain a great Brown Trout fishery. Because brown are more tolerant of warmer temps we can fish them all year round.

It is 1½ hour drive from the western edge of Winnipeg and a short hike along a well marked trail.

For this trip you need to supply the water craft and accessories. We also bring water and snacks.

McHugh can be accessed from the shore but it can get pretty tangled in there

The equipment for this trip is a 6wt Rod with floating and sinking lines. The flies of choice can be you standard trout flies as well as streamers because browns love minnows and leeches.

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