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Tying Lessons

Fly Tying is Almost Synonymous With Fly Fishing.

Not saying you can’t fly fish and buy your flies but, most fly fishers tie their own or most of their own flies.

Like a lot of arts and crafts, fly tying can either be an economical way to keep your fly fishing supplies stocked up or it can be something that has you stocking up on so many tying supplies you can’t use them in your lifetime.

Either way, most of us dedicated fly fishers also tie our own flies. There is an extra level of joy catching a fish on fly you hand crafted.

If you are interested in learning this art feel free to contact us at

We will teach:

  • the types of flies
  • types of materials
  • fish they are used for
  • fundamental tying techniques
  • selecting the right tool
  • getting you on your first vise and needed equipment
  • and so much more



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