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Walleye Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing For Walleye in Manitoba!

Walleye (misnamed pickerel locally) is the province’s most popular fish. It is almost synonymous with fishing in the province. If you come back to work in Winnipeg and say you spent the weekend fishing, your co-workers will ask which lake and assume it was walleye you were after.

Walleye on the fly presents many challenges and this easy to catch fish for bait fishers actually becomes harder on the fly.

Early in the season they can be anywhere. In rivers and streams of all sizes and shallow parts of lakes. At this time of year we have our best shot at hooking and landing these tasty fish. After this they leave the rivers, streams and shallows, returning to their home lakes and large rivers and going fairly low in the thermocline.

At this point, I leave them alone but if you want to continue to pursue them you’d be looking at heavy sinking lines and boat access.

The inside of a walleye’s mouth is quite hard and so keeping on the hook in a fight is also a challenge. The flies we use are pretty varied. I had success with everything from nymph patterns to leech and minnow patterns. Not common but I have also caught them on top water flies.

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