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December 14, 2017

Trying to Up My Photo Game

I have been trying to get my flies documented and have tried a few options. As of late I have become lazy and just used my iPhone. As great a convergence device as it is, it comes up short. So, using others as a water mark I brought all my tools together:


  • light box
  • Nikon D200
  • sigma DG 70-300mm on Macro
  • low f stop and slow shutter speeds
  • tripod

Not quite there but way better,

Winnipeg Fly Tyer Robert Burton Eyed Flmph

A flymph with eyes. Passes as nymph or fry Marabou tail Peacock Dubbing Silver DD Olive soft hacl Brass Dumbell Eyes

Winnipeg Fly Tying Robert Burton Gomphus pattern

Gomphus Eyes are glass beads stung on old classical guitar strings marabou over body DD copper body Brown soft hackle palmered

Winnipeg Fly Tying Robert Burton Bead Body Stone Green

Bead Body Stone Fly I am ‘almost’ know for this pattern Marabou tail Bglass bead body Black Rubber legs Midge Flex over thorax Olive DD thorax

Winnipeg Fly Tying Robert Burton Olive Stone Fly Brown

Same pattern in coffee and brown hackle tail

Manitoba Fly Tying Robert Burton Flashabou nymph/fry

Flash-a-bou Nymph/fry Body Flash-a-bou, Peacock herl hear and dumbbell brass eyes I tie the eyes underneath the shank on down eye hook to reduce flipping during presntaions

Generic black nymph pattern

Chenille hellgramite patterns in decidedly non hellgramite colours (don’t worry I have them in black and dark brown

A generic nymph pattern done with a ‘rough’ copper dubbing

We call them GRHE out of habit but really we never use hare’s ear anymore. Mostly because it is hard to find. So like colour rabbit dubbing has to suffice

Peacock hackle fly Robert Burton Winnipeg

You’ll be seeing a lot of these from me this winter. The 3-4 material fly that is highly effective, for a variety of fish in still and moving water. Peacock herl body wire rib reinforcement soft hackle collar in many shades dubbing to cover/colour the head thread

the same ‘rough’ copper dubbing with a elastic over body and soft hackle collar

Damsel Fly Pattern in green Robert Burton Winnipeg

Despite looking similar in their adult form, Dragon and damels flies look quite different in their aquatic form. Damsels are slender and dragon (aka Gomphus) can be down right rotund Marabou tail Olive V-Rib Marabou thorax Midge flex over Glass eyes

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