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Casting Lessons

Fly Fishing & Casting Lessons in Winnipeg

I have been casting a fly rod for over 25 years. In those years I have encountered and solved many of the most common casting problems. With me as your casting instructor we can get you from knowing little or nothing about casting mechanics to casting for distance into the wind.

We’ll cover:

  • Line pick up and cast
  • Rod Tracking
  • Avoiding Tailing Loops
  • Stop Snapping off Flies
  • Forward Creep
  • False casting
  • False casting and shooting line
  • Single Hauls
  • Double Hauling

On the Water

  • Single handed Spey casting
  • Roll Casts
  • Quarter Casting
  • Line Mending
  • High Sticking

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Contact for Fly Fishing Lessons

Robert Burton
204-770-0846  (Texting only)

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