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In Town Fly Fishing

There are some in town opportunities to fly fish during your stay in Winnipeg.

The city  of Winnipeg was founded on the banks of 2 rivers. The Red River, that winds its way up from the central USA, and the Assiniboine that winds its way across from the central prairies meet at The Forks. Both rivers are wide, deep, un-wadable and extremely brown with dirt and matter. People do fish around there but it is always with bait.


Luckily there are lots of tributaries that feed these 2 rivers and while not crystal clear, that are wade friendly, with shore access and the water is a little less coloured. We have fished these waters successfully for catfish, carp and pike. The fish are not glamourous or trophies. Maybe if you find yourself in the city with nothing to do, or on a off day for your visit/conference/ but not enough time for a day trip, a little in town fishing might be the ticket.

I can pick you and drop you off, provide snacks, rods, reels and flies. You’ll need your own wading equipment (in the warm weather that could just be a spare pair of sneakers).


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