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December 31, 2020

The Rest of 2020

This year, I am trying to do something else as far as reporting goes. Rather than post my weekly trips and then fend off inquires as to ‘where is that’. I though I’d wait until those sorts were safely hovered over their ice-holes.

June 19th Whiteshell River Headwaters

This stretch of water has been the jewel of river trout fly fishing in Manitoba, for as long as I have lived here. The hatchery is “RIGHT THERE” and yet there were no fish. The water levels were great. I fished till sunset. No rises not pops no dimples…nothing. Sure they have fallen on hard financial times due to cut backs and mismanagement but they are still making fish RIGHT THERE. To stock this river would require zero effort or expenditures. The pothole farmer ponds with aerators are getting their fish out west but the creek beside the fishy factory, nope. Well a creek did get some fish. 4,000 fish they dumped into McKinnon Creek to die when the truck broke down heading to one of those aerated ponds.

First Stop , Lunch at The Night Hawk Café.
Water levels were great!
Managed this one hold over smallie
Did see evidence of tourists throwing pellets in the water but clearly no takers

Lyons Lake August 2nd

First cast First and only fish, a good sized brown

And then the Heat Wave

The blistering prairie heat from late July to mid August is why we go to the east coast every year. So my tying output went up.

Back at it Fall Fishing

Alright, fall feed bag! Last time I was here caught a bruiser!


September 30th Whiteshell

The fall colours, the cooler temps.

It’s a beautiful here in the North central Whiteshell, a rare chance to wade and fish in Manitoba. It is also a lovely walk and chance to see birds and other wildlife!

Lac Du Bonnet Trout Ponds

Too small to call a lake and bigger than your average pond. The only aerated pond east of Winnipeg. It is well stocked and, even when it winter kills, it gets a fresh load while other places languish. I usually use a 6wt on these types of trout ponds. The fish grow fast and large on the fecundity and living in warmer water. But the first fish was of salmon proportions in a brown trout. Probably a brood stocking, maybe it over wintered but, either way, it was a hell of a fish with lots of fight! I landed the fish and was able to catch a few more good fish be fore the stress THAT fish put on my rod caused it to break. One of the rare times I hit the water with just one rod so that was the end. But it was a good day!

Western Brook Trout Oct 4th

I won’t tell you where. You’ll have to do your own homework. The fishing can be spotty and they are not big but what the place doesn’t need is a lot of fishing traffic and the accompanying litter Styrofoam, sunflower seed packs, Michelob cans. Also we have permission as this runs through private land.

The rest of the year

So I went went out a few more times and places nearby but mostly to sort out my 6wt switch rod. As well, I wanted to check out some spots to see if they iced up at all. Given that my 2 weeks of Christmas Fishing in Florida was cancelled due to the restrictions, I figure some open water might be a good salve on a mild day.

So I bought a new line for the switch and it works fantastic as well ordered a 4wt switch. As it stands right now I have booked a week on and near the St. Mary’s River in the Kootenays for August and sorting out the gear needs for that and the coming season.

Till next year

October 22, 2019

Last Chance

Busy weekend Fly Fishing wise. Friday I went fishing, Saturday I taught a casting lesson. A guy from outta town. Live near some good fishing and wants to do it with a fly rod.

Remember the super keen guy who want me to guide him? Well with my info he went and caught his first fish. But he still wanted to go fishing so I took him on my Whiteshell tour. The aforementioned snow and sudden melt made the conditions horrible for my Friday fishing and we got skunked at multiple location on this day too.

I did show him some great spots that he revisited the next week and still got skunked.

Guess we’ll have to wait till spring!

October 19, 2019

Lac Du Bonnet Manitoba October 18th

I would have hoped the water would be prime this time of year. We all know about the fall feed bag that fish put on this time as we head to cold cold weather.

Well a little something happened this month. We got a record snow fall early on. I mean more snow than we’d get in an entire winter. If that wasn’t enough, it all melted in a week!

So the water temperatures dropped while the water levels rose…significantly!

I don’t know if this merely put the fishing down or out right killed them in this tiny water body.

But I got skunked!

The fishing reports from before the snow were good.

It was also very cold and windy.

But if it was always easy, it wouldn’t be interesting

September 16, 2019

September 15th Casting Lesson

So this guy is really hyper to have me take him fishing. As he was local, I really didn’t want to take advantage of him. I could tell him some places to fish with out him paying for a day of my time. So I offered the one hour casting class as an alternative. If his casting was tight, I could spend the time giving him fly fishing options. If it wasn’t, we could get it there.

Turns out it was a little of both. His basic casting stroke was good but his setup was a little off and he definitely benefited from some tips about what flies to use, different kinds of retrieves, how to play a fish, etc.

August 19, 2019

Whiteshell Lakes Skunking

The lakes of the eastern part of Manitoba used to be jewels. While they are still beautiful they are low on fish. A long time ago, they used a poison to kill off native fish in these lakes to create a ‘clean slate’. The, then, infant stocking program began to load these lakes with hatchery raised fish.

For years they were raising way more fish than they had places for. The number of lakes increases but these lakes still got a good balance of fish. We had 3 good lakes plus some ponds and inaccessible lakes in the heavily populated east and 2 lakes in the less dense south western part and a few more in the the Duck Mountain region.
It was a good balance of streams, small ponds, small, medium and large lakes. Something for the wading angle the float tube angle and the boat angler.

Over the last few years the focus became on the new western lakes. We already had a few aerated lakes in William and Bower but a group really got crazy at finding naturally killed off lakes (winter summer kill) putting aerators in them and then getting them stocked.

Now we have a situation where the demand is greater than the supply.

You may ask a few questions?

  • Why does a province as under populated and wild as Manitoba need a stocking program?
  • Why would you need to stock a non-native and non- reproducing species?
  • Why would you depend on aerators and and remote infrastructure to keep these fish alive?
  • Why would you allow any retention of these fish?
  • Why would you allow bait fishing of these lakes?
  • Why would you allow ice fishing on these lakes

What started off as novelty has turned into something else.

the something else is hard to define but put simply; a lake that is aerated and maintained by a local government gets fish put in by a level of provincial government in the hopes of getting tourist dollars. The concept is that if 2 lakes can generate income more lakes would too?

That’s not how it works.

Anyhow the bottom line is the eastern lakes went a few years without any stocking (don’t believe the stocking reports) and every new lake got fish.
This put a strain on the hatchery budget and we now buy eggs from the states where we used to rear them ourselves.

They now stock the eastern lakes with tiny fish only so they are easy prey for water fowl and other fish eaters.

This was the long way around to telling you I got skunked bad on a lake I have fished for 2 decades.
Not even the bait fisher introduced perch

July 09, 2019

Whiteshell Bass Bonanza

The Manitoba headwaters of the Whiteshell river is not the true head waters, that is somewhere in western Ontario. The Whiteshell Rivers winds through the Whiteshell park in eastern Manitoba. It is a series of river runs and lakes starting with West Hawk Lake and ending at Nutimik Lake (part of the Winnipeg River System.
We went to the headwaters in search of trout that are stocked there. The last time I was there it was a disaster. Not only where there no fish, but there was no signs of life. No bugs no hatches…not even a mosquito.
There was extensive work on a new bridge but there is no mention anywhere about a spill or anything related. The only thing up stream of the bridge is the lake so it is likely there was a spill of something related to the bridge construction.
If something happened, it was hushed up.

Combined with the lack of water over the years (due to hatchery employees raising the dam at the request of their lake home owner buddies) this once jewel of the east has fallen on hard times.

Cant fish with out food in our bellies so off the the Night Hawk Cafe (Vegans look away)

On to the fishing

This time, the water levels seemed better (and the make shift 6×6 was removed from the dam). While we didn’t get a lot of trout (1) the bass were up from Caddy Lake.

And the one trout, a recent stocking for sure!

Over all this bit of water is looking better than is has for quite a while (under the direction of a different person).
I for one am very happy to have a place to go to and is friendly to the MAJORITY of fishers who don’t have a boat!

June 22, 2019

Big Creek Manitoba

On the northern edge of the Whiteshell Provincial Park is where you’ll find Big Creek.
Really just a back bay of the Winnipeg River System, it does have flow from the wet lands south of 307.

What ever is in the river has no impediment to getting to this water but typically it is pike and bass (small mouth).

Today was also the summer solstice but no sun was available. Lots of wind. Wind from the SE to be precise. On this flat part of the world, there is no place to hide. So I battled the wind with my legs and on almost every cast.

I was rewarded with a few pike a few hits and a real nice bass that never made it to hand.

I was also getting a lot of LDR’s that I found out later were spawning suckers along the edges.

I also hooked and played a nice smallie. I was filming with my GoPro but somehow lost the video in transferring it to my PC.

The winning fly was a marabou muddler in orange for both species

I also hooked some braided line and pulled up a bunch of devil’s lures. Spent 30 minutes untangling that mess.

When I was done there was a family just leaving after a few casts and I donated the 2 spinner baits to their tackle box.

I could only manage 6 hours of that wind and left around dinner time.

June 14, 2019

Odds and Sods

Rather than a whole bunch of little reviews and posts, I thought I’d Combine a few into one. Mostly to get me caught up on my blogging.

Cheap UV Resin For Fly Tying

First off is my long time coming entry into using cured UV resin.
This is liquid plastic you harden (cure) with a concentrated UV light. When you buy one of these for fly tying, you can count on it being unreasonably expensive. Luckily it is a product adapted from outside the fly fishing world and I picked up this consumer version for under $20

Cured Resin used for Fly Tying

I am not dropping the ease of head cement anytime soon but it did make putting eyes on these party favour flies, a whole lot easier.

Fly Tying Supplies from Around the Web

As you can imagine, living on the prairies and far away from mountains or even hills, fly fishing is a rarity. The local supplies for fly tying are even more sparse. Even getting thread can be a challenge.

I didn’t by much this winter but I did try 2 new sources.

One was the wish app. I have been pretty successful purchasing music related stuff as well as some nice watches. I Found some products from Tigo Fly. In particular bulk tube fly supplies and plastic dumbbell eyes. They seem to only be available from Wish, Amazon, Ebay, Ali Express as their own site is non functioning.

I was particularly excited by the eyes. I love the look of eyes on many flys but lead, brass, and even aluminium have too much weight.

J. Stockard Hooks

I have bough off brand/store brand hooks before. Last time from Cabela’s. They were fine with the odd one needing tossing. These J. Stockard hooks seem a little better than that. I will definitely do that again.

Max Catch Travel Rods

As A Blogging Fly Guide and traveler, I can get an entry level endorsement deal from almost any Fly Fishing Equipment manufacturer. As a matter of fact I still have a standing one with TFO.
The problem is, many of these famous fly rod mane are just holding companies that get 3rd parties to make their gear and stick on their name.
This is nothing new. The aforementioned watches look very much like 5-10x more expensive version seen in stores with other names on them.

I can now get these equal to the task off brand rods for WAY less that my guide discount ever could.

I am tired of bring 4 piece rods and seeing if I win/lose the oversize luggage lottery. So I bought a 4 and 6 weight in 6 and 7 piece configuration. I have used them both on the water and they are great! Casting well and handling fish equally.

When you look at the tubes you can see one of them looks very much like the tubes you get from a famous rod company, that also has their made in Asia.

There you have it 4 potential blog post in one.

Till Next Time

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June 03, 2019

Eastern Manitoba Still Water Trout

I was just at this little lake a while back and the difference is remarkable. Back on the 10th I caught 3 fish and shared the lake with a dozen or so boats and shore anglers. There were people there before me and after me. 4 Fridays later, my catch rate went up but, more importantly, I had the lake to myself.
Once the general fishing season starts, interest in trout peels off.

When’s the best time to go trout fishing in Manitoba?

When walleye (pickerel) season starts. The brief time (6 weeks) that the season is closed is the busiest time for new members to the forum and when I get lots of inquires via email , Facebook and Instagram.

I had to be back in the city to do a mixing editing sessions at my recording studio in Winnipeg so I left unnaturally early (for a professional musician) time in the morning and fished till mid afternoon.

Nine fish to hand, a few LDR’s and some other solid hits. All Rainbow Trout. Some bigger and some recent stockings
The winning fly of the day was my Fuaxhair Leech.

Here’s the photographic and video fun

May 11, 2019

May 10th Still Water Trout Fishing

East of Winnipeg is a nice large pond that is aerated and stocked with trout from the Whiteshell Manitoba Hatchery.
It was a windy day but not so much as to keep me off the water.
I landed 3 fish and had a few more battles including one that shredded my leader.
The winning fleyes were a Rusty (copper) nymph or a Rolled Muddler.
A friend and I were postulating that if muddler based flies were the starting point for new fly fisher men and women, instead of w**ly b*gg*rs that their success rate would go through the roof.

and some pictures of course

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