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July 01, 2018

Stocking Reports Updated

After 2 years the stocking map is now current!

What is nice is to see they are getting fish into the eastern lakes. Hopefully this is backed up by stocking to offset mortality rates due to predators and such.

Stocking Reports



2 thoughts on “Stocking Reports Updated

  1. Ken Homewood says:

    Id like to know where I can purchase road maps of trout stocked lakes that are close to Winnipeg. I’m semi handicapped so I need to drive and shore fish at all possible. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Ken

    1. There was one published a few years ago and was free. Since it is out of date and the variables of stocking make keeping it current hard, I’d just use this one from the province. it is goofy to use but it has the current info (I think so of the past info is fudged) and is free

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