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September 07, 2018

Casting Classes

While I haven’t done any fishing since getting back from vacation, I have given some casting classes. These are all private lessons and (if needed) I supply the gear. On the 20th I was teaching a fella who is planning on retiring to the B.C. mountains.

A few days later I gave a fly rod casting lesson to a fella who’s van trip to the mountains was thwarted by engine failure.

I went a little earlier so I could shoot some birds.

The next fella was a guy who hasn’t had much success fishing but thought fly fishing was for him.

With these classes I use 6wt rods (which I feel are a good 1st outfit for Manitoba Waters) a real leader and real flies (with the points off so no one gets a hook in them)
All of these folks couldn’t cast even a little but by the end of the hour they had the skills that could get them fish!

May 03, 2015

Max Catch 2wt Combo Direct from China Review

There’s a little stream I fish.
The stream has mostly small fish.
I love fishing it with a 2wt.
So far all my 2wt fishing has been with a home built 2wt. From whichI learned 2 things:

  1. How cheap the components are
  2. I don’t enjoy rod building

We have an upcoming trip to Newfoundland and the place is teaming with brook trout streams. Unfortunately my 2wt is 2 piece and as a traveling fly rodder musician and photographer I need to get everything compact.

So I went about my search for a 2wt combo that won’t break the bank. My logic being that I put my last outfit together for $150 ($60 kit, Martin reel and some decent Cortland line).

Now once you get to the 2wt end of fly rodding your selection greatly decreases. As well ‘they’ know that if you are looking for a 6′ 2wt, the addiction is strong in you.

SO I started with my Guide deal at TFO, combed the internet, sought advice on forums and the rod alone was going to cost more than my whole present outfit. Combine that with wanting to get one each for myself and my wife…this was going to cost me $800!!

So, once again, I find myself scoping around eBay. On a lark I searched for 2wts. At first I was getting results that were similar to my previous searches but once I narrowed the parameters to 2wt combos under $200 I found gold.

Maximum Catch eBay Store Photo

The store and manufacturer is Max Catch. I have a sling made by them and it is OK.

Anyways I pulled the trigger.
My logic?
  1. Everything is made in China and renamed for various high end brands
  2.  At $72 USD per outfit, how bad would it have to be to be a complete bust?
  3. Even if only the rod was any good I would still be ahead of the game!
  4. I will be using it to fish small streams for small fish…it doesn’t have to be that good
So, rod, reel, line, tube, and sock x 2 delivered to my front door for $144 USD (free shipping too)
So I un-boxed it and I have to say cosmetically it was a mind blower. $72? Should have got 4.
Put it all together and did a little backyard casting. Everything looked and worked beautifully.
Took it fishing. Cast well into the wind played and landed fish well.
I loved it!!
To be fair one shouldn’t be stressing a 2wt with big fish and hero casts. I am not sure how good the reel or the line will be in the long run and I have no idea what upper weight rods would be like but they claim it’s  IM 10 graphite.
Here are some pictures.

May 31, 2010

My New Pontoon Boat

Took the new boat out
Ok so 1st off I should mention the new boat…

A birthday present from my family in honour of living to be 50. Tis a fine vessel and while you can really motor with the oars she moves nicely just using the kick flippers. Way more storage space then any of the past float tube U boats have had but obviously not carrying the 75lb boat into any back country lakes.
Being very busy with music both live performance and music lessons has made getting fishing very hard. This month alone I have taught 200 lessons and played 7 gigs. This weekend I played

Thursday Friday Saturday night all with different people and different places and taught 26 lessons. So the few fish I caught were very valuable to my fishing soul. So Enjoy them as I have.



February 06, 2010

By Way of Introduction

By way of Introduction

Vid of a laker and bass trip we did a few years back.

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